SpecialEffect 10th Anniversary: Accessible Gaming History Exhibit

Was a pleasure to run the game accessibility history exhibit at SpecialEffect last week. More on the exhibit over at the OneSwitch.org.uk library.

The 10th Anniversary Winter Warmer itself was a really great thing. Some fine speeches, and demonstrations of some new accessible gaming efforts. Here's to another 10 years. :)

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Let's Play Games Project (Japan)

Taken from Eiichi Tanaka's YouTube channel and reported upon by Shohei Ishimae:


We are "Let's Play Games Project" in Japan.

Our purport is to share information of idea how to play games who have some physical disabilities like us.
So, today, we will introduce what we do in our project.

This time, our project started thinking about how to play Nintendo Switch or PS4.
He plays with eye controlled focus system and one switch, and stick on mouth.
It’s difficult to reproduce all complicated moving, but he can enough to enjoy.

As you can see, we are trying to make “I can do it!” through our project.
We hope to enjoy not only games, our life.

If you interested in that, please contact us! Website and Facebook

Image of a wheelchair user with mask, playing a game, alongside another not playing.

Man with breathing apparatus in front of a man in a wheelchair playing a video game. Subtitles read, "we are trying to make I can do it through our project."




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