Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on a Switch with a Switch

The videos above are of Mario Kart 8 on the Switch and Wii-U. Colin McDonnell is demoing the Wii-U version which works as follows for the moderately complex method...

1. Accelerator is latched on as you enter the driving mode.
2. A timer ticks down whenever you don't press anything. At time-out (about 30 seconds) it will jump out of the mode.
3. The switch gives you left/right alternate steering. Double-tap throws a weapon.
4. Doing nothing for a short-time (about 4 seconds) steps down to two alternative profiles, Reverse and Drift (then it loops back to drive).
5. Holding your switch for 10 seconds in Drift will also exit the game mode.

Sounds a lot, but in reality, it's quite manageable. Especially if you can't manage the standard controller choices on offer. On the Nintendo Switch, if you press +/- just as the race starts/in race, you can use "L" and "R" to enable/disable auto-steer and auto-accelerate as seen in the picture below. Auto-steer is absolutely fantastic. You can see it in the video above kicking in when the little ariel starts to spark electricity, and it tries to straighten you up. It is brilliantly done.

I plan to add a simpler method soon on Colin's request. Next looking into team play modes for more complex games. Colin completed Wii-U Hyrule Warriors today working as a team (in Xbox Co-Pilot style). Looking to make Zelda far more accessible with him and for others too. Fuller instructions and details on how to replicate this soon. Huge thanks to Clive Galway and SpecialEffect for enabling this to happen.

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