Chopper Rescue

Chopper Rescue sets the following challenge for one-switch players: Avoid the blowing gales, rocky cliffs and high tides and rescue six people and animals stuck in precarious situations.

This game can be played on iOS or Android devices as an App to download. Alternatively it can also be played on a PC or Mac via the HelpKidzLearn subscription web-site. It seems to require Flash so won't work in Chrome, but should be fine in Firefox or Chrome.

The subscription is currently 1 User for £66 a year. However, you can sign up for 10 free activities (not a free choice) to try some of this stuff out up front. Martin Littler (of Inclusive Technology) recently posted that these games have had 5 million plays since they started.

Cartoon graphics of an Rescue Helicopter swooping in with ladder and paramedic ready to save a stranded person standing on an up turned boat in water.

Mouse, Touchscreen, Eye gaze or Switch access options.

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