Game Accessibility Information symbol

Game Accessibility Information

You may have noticed the symbol above appearing more and more, and wondered about it. Formally known as the "Game Accessibility Information" symbol, and informally as "The Joypad Rider", it was designed for the SpecialEffect GameBase by the talented Chris Thornton as part of their call for a game accessibility related symbol.

The function of this symbol, when attached to a game or gaming product, is to point people to access related information. This is especially useful for people who often find games too hard or impossible to play.

Imagine... that you have found the symbol and link below on the box (or home-page) of a game you are interested in called "Parkour Heroes". Imagine that you are colour-blind and don't have very quick reactions. Click on the symbol below to see if this game might suit you.

Game Accessibility Information

Without being able to quickly find this information, imagine how much more money and time you would waste trying to find a game that suits your particular abilities. Frustrating.

Read more on the pilot use of the Game Accessibility Information symbol at SpecialEffect Accessible GameBase.


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