Hollis Brown Thornton
Drivey screenshot. Dusk driving through an industrial area.

Drivey is a proof of concept demo, but it is gorgeous and a pleasure. It reflects a stylised version of driving, and aims to replicate the ease of driving when you get into a comfortable head-space and environment.

It achieves this with auto-steering and cruise-control, which I think is a unique and brilliant accessibility design feature. If you let go of your controls, the car will drive itself. You can choose when to overtake, speed up or slow down or go off-road. You can switch off the traffic if you wish and even the colision detection. You can drive using two switches alone for LEFT and RIGHT.

The most recent demo (0.15) has no sound, but 0.13 has. For more accessible design ideas for the ultimate in accessible driving see the IGDA GASIG Top 3 and the SpecialEffect Wish List for Accessible Game Design.


Hollis Brown Thornton artwork top found thanks to Rob Fearon.


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