After playing it for the first time at Replay Expo 2011 I decided to have another go at getting Konami's one-switch laser-disk game Badlands working on my laptop. Using the latest version of the Daphne emulator (v1.0), it worked!

It turns out that Daphne now helps you download everything you need to play without too much hassle at all. So, what's the game like?

Well, beyond needing a separate start button, the entire game is designed to be played with a single button to shoot. That includes entering your initials on the high-score table. Playing in a real cartoon is amazing for a while, but this game requires lightening fast reactions. It also requires a fair bit of patience in learning at what often obscure point you should actually fire.

If you do stick at it, and you have the reaction speed, it's an enjoyable and unique one-switch game. I definitely recommend setting your lives to the maximum level and using this help guide.

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  1. # Blogger Don Calaca

    I love those DVD games, I have from MAD DOG to all DragonĀ“s Lair series, great games, thats the way I started making games  

  2. # Blogger

    Astron Belt was one of those few moments in gaming for me where my jaw hit the ground. I was amazed. Anything seemed possible.  

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