PS2 to Xbox 360 controller converter

Controller Converter - XFPS 360 for the Xbox 360 - allowing USB and Playstation 2 controllers to be used on the Xbox360.Excellent news. The XFPS360 converter will allow just about any Playstation 2 compatible controller to work on an Xbox 360. I've tested out with a number of one handed controllers, including the ASCII Grip V2, HORI Super Robot Wars Controller and HORI Separate Controller, and could find no fault.

The only downside is the high-price of this adapter (around £40) and the need for a wired Xbox 360 controller to be connected simultaneously. However - it's a big deal, and genuinely great news accessibility wise.

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Sorry for being almost a year late, but will this work with the wireless Guitar Hero III Guitar controller? I am getting a 360, and would like to get GHIII for online play, but I don't want to fork out a load of money for another guitar as well. Thanks!  

  2. # Blogger

    Sorry - I don't honestly know. Might be a bit risky for you to gamble on this.  

  3. # OpenID hisameshizumaru

    Will it also work with original PS2 controllers?  

  4. # Blogger

    Yes - you can use almost any Playstation 2 controller on an Xbox 360 using this adapter (with the essential wired Xbox 360 controller attached).  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi so were does the wired xbox360 controler come into play with all of this? I mean surely you just plug the usb into the console and then run the PS2 controller from the adapter? How does it work?


  6. # Blogger

    Microsoft didn't want anyone connecting non-approved controllers to the Xbox 360, so added some encryption circuitry to make life difficult for third party hard-ware developers. Connecting an officially sanctioned controller gets around this issue. It is essential.  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I would love to know if the Thrustmaster freestyler motor bike handlebars for either the ps2 or pc would work with this converter for the xbox 360 Moto Gp 2006/7 please this would be a must have reply for thousends of moto gp xbox 360 fans - thank you.


  8. # Blogger

    Sorry I don't have this controller so can't tell you. It's worth knowing though - as not all controllers work perfectly. My "C-SID" Ultimarc iPac based controllers work 100% - and all the one handed controllers I support work 100% too. I've tried others that give a "controller disconnected" message from time to time - which is annoying.  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi, just wondering if you tested the Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel for the PS2/PS3 with this adapter?


  10. # Blogger

    Not tried it.  

  11. # Anonymous Anonymous

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

  12. # Blogger

    If you followed the links from the post to the Xbox 360 adapters section - you'll end up at Play Asia:  

  13. # Anonymous Anonymous

    do you know if any ps2 dancepads work with this?  

  14. # Blogger

    I would assume that they will connect and play to a degree - but I don't know if they will be mapped 100% accurately. (up, down, left, right should be correct - but don't know about shape buttons).  

  15. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi, like you say its a bit pricey. Is there a cheaper converter available for ps2 to 360? Thanks.  

  16. # Blogger

    Not that I'm aware of. Wish there was though. See eBay for the best prices.  

  17. # Anonymous Anonymous

    if i plug the converter to a PC, will it work, i mean, will i be able to play games as gears of war or crysis (only for xbox 360 gamepads) with ps2 gamepads??  

  18. # Blogger

    Very unlikely.  

  19. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Would a third party PS3 Controllers work for XBOX360? I have a specific one that I've been using for a very long time and I hate going back to the XBOX360's bulky controller.  

  20. # Blogger

    Almost definitely not at this stage. Sorry!  

  21. # Blogger Patrick

    do you know whether use of multiple ps2 controllers will work through the connection of a multi-tap?

  22. # Blogger

    Sorry - I don't know.  

  23. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Do you know if it workswith ps2 arcade sticks? Any lag?  

  24. # Blogger

    Yes they'll work - but I feel that there's a tiny bit of lag that might effect hardcore gamers but most people wouldn't notice.  

  25. # Anonymous Anonymous

    This invention looks great but I had a question. You mentioned needing an XBox 360 controller connected to connect to your PS2 controller: I wondered if a wireless XBox 360 controller would work without the connection? I needed to know if there was a sensor or something on it for it to connect.  

  26. # Blogger

    See above - wired controller is essential. You can't use a wireless controller to get around the issues.  

  27. # Anonymous TonyB.

    will this work with an original ps1 namco arcade stick??  

  28. # Blogger

    Yes - it should do. I've had one working in the past. Obviously it's limited by its lack of analogue functionality.  

  29. # Anonymous nevermore285

    Can you still use a microphone/headset with this, like to use xbox live?  

  30. # Blogger

    Should be fine, as the Xbox 360 controller remains fully functioning. However, I've not tested headphones.  

  31. # Blogger Rob Battersby

    Will PC controllers work with the Xbox 360 using this?

    I'm thinking of buying a PC arcade-style trackball to use with my Xbox 360.  

  32. # Blogger

    Many PC controllers will work, but in a basic way. If the controller makes use of an advanced driver this may pose compatibility problems. I know basic mice with a PS/2 (or USB to PS/2 converter) work well.  

  33. # Anonymous Anonymous

    does this work with access controller so it can be used with xbox360? thanks  

  34. # Blogger

    Not sure. Got a feeling it won't, but don't have one here to test anymore. Recommend posting for help here  

  35. # Blogger

    This one works for the Acess Controller:  

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